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We are a company with more than 20 years of history in the market, and not just in one country, but in more than thirty-six countries around the world.

Our many years of experience and global reach enable us to supply high quality cleaning chemistry that is fully compatible with our own cleaning systems. We customize each cleaning fluid to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our cleaning machines are manufactured with the utmost precision and quality, using
stainless steel design, ensuring their reliability and durability.

With our wide range of cleaning systems on the market and the longest warranty, we are your partner in keeping you clean and performing. We are also dedicated to developing hardware and software solutions for controlling cleaning processes, including measuring instruments for testing ionic contamination and washing fluid concentration analyzers.

With our software solutions, you can monitor the cleaning process both online and offline, allowing you to optimally manage your cleaning processes.

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David Joura


“All technology is useless if you don’t have the idea and the courage to do something.”

The birth of our company in 2001 was preceded by a great courage – to act and make dreams come true. And today, we try to give our employees the same space for self-realization. Today, there are almost 100 of us in the company and we have moved from the former stables where we started to a large industrial hall in Boskovice. But with the growth of the company comes responsibility – for our employees and for the clients we have in 36 countries around the world. Our desire to improve is therefore never ending. Every day we learn and push ourselves to be among the best in cleaning technology in the electrical industry.

Zbyněk Zukal

CSO, Co-Owner

“Behind our success is nothing but the hard work of the entire DCT team every day and the drive to be the best supplier of washing solutions in the world.”

From the very beginning, from the very first customer, the first application we encountered, we focused on one fundamental thing and that was to improve the new customer’s existing and future washing processes, both technically, economically, comprehensively. By constantly developing and improving our products and solutions, we make this possible. We have created a unique business and service model, built on a good personal knowledge of our customers and thus their real needs, which we have managed to implmement over the last 15 years in more than 30 countries with more than 400 customers. We are proud that we have been able to bring a quality Czech product to the whole world.

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