Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee

Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee

Perfectly clean stencils (with and without frames) and squeegees are one of the basic prerequisites for the overall quality of SMT production. It is very important to pay attention to cleaning quality, especially nowadays with the miniaturisation of components, as this is the only way to avoid subsequent production failures.

Poorly cleaned stencils with soldering paste and SMD adhesive residues result in the production of improper pre-prints the subsequent repair of which (misprint cleaning) leads to increased costs and prolongs the overall process. If you are not sure about the correct cleaning technique, please contact us and we will test your samples free of charge and recommend both a cleaning liquid and a cleaning system.

Recommended products

InJet® 388 CRD
InJet® 388 CRD is developed primarily for the removalof solder pastes and SMT adhesives from stencils, PumPrints,squeegees and misprints. The cleaning system can also be used for PCB cleaning, or...
InJet® 388 TWIN CRD "Sausage dog"
InJet® 388 TWIN CRD is primarily developed for the cleaning flux residues from PCBs after soldering. The cleaning system can be also used for removing solder pastes and SMT adhesives...
InJet® 3179 CRD "BigBoard"
InJet® 3179 CRD is designed to remove solder pastes and SMT adhesives from non-standard large stencils up to 100 x 1700 x 900 mm or 3.94 x 66.93 x 35.43...
Decotron 250
Decotron® 250
Water-based cleaning fluid determined to remove residues of a solder paste from printing stencils, PCBs misprints and squeegees.Ready-mix, intended for direct use. Effective for all types of solder pastes and...
Decotron 281
Decotron® 281
Water-based cleaning fluid determined to remove residues of a solder paste and SMT adhesives from printing stencils, PCBs misprints and squeegees. Ready-mix, intended for direct use. Effective for all types...
Proton 69
Proton® 69
Alcohol-based cleaning fluid determined to remove cured and uncured acrylic conformal coatings from coating frames, PCBs and components of coating machine parts. Determined to clean also uncured epoxy adhesives from...
Traceabilita ONLINE
Traceability ONLINE
Highest level of DCT traceability option fulfilling Industry 4.0 requirements, using the online connection of cleaning machine to customer‘s network thru software. The output is not file but access to...
traceabilita offline
Traceability OFFLINE
A basic version of traceability when general process data like set times, temperatures, conductivity levels, conductivity and cycle number are stored to CSV file in cleaning machine touch screen SD...
Decitron EFD1
Decotron® EFD1
The water-based cleaning agent (stripper) is determined to remove cured and uncured conformal coatings from coating frames, PCBs (varnish remover pcb), and coating machine parts components. Intended for removing acrylate...
Decotron® 250/25
Water-based cleaning fluid determined to remove residues of a solder paste from printing stencils, PCBs misprints and squeegees. Ready-mix, intended for direct use. Effective for all types of solder pastes...
Stencil Cleaner 11
Manual cleaning of printing stencils and squeegees. Suitable for the pre-cleaning and cleaning of flux and SMT adhesives from printing stencils and squeegees. Not necessary to rinse after the cleaning...
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We take full responsibility for the functionality of the cleaning process.

Complete cleaning solutions

We can offer complete cleaning solutions for all existing applications.

Quality of cleaning systems

We manufacture cleaning systems exclusively in stainless steel because it has long-term advantages.

pure quality of cleaning agents

We care about the functionality of the cleaning chemistry, but also about ecology.

Technical and economic improvements

With every project, our greatest motivation is to bring the customer a better technical and economic solution.

Development and customization

By continuously developing our cleaning technologies, we are moving forward and responding to developments in the electronics industry.

Democenters Worldwide

We give customers the opportunity to actually test the cleaning solution.

Direct service Support

For us, service support does not end with the installation, it begins.


Our references show the diversity of our customers and how we have been able to
to tailor our services to their needs and expectations.

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Since the opening of our new facility, we added both the InJet®388 for cleaning stencils and AirJet®594 for washing reflow heat exchangers. We requested multiple custom design changes for the InJet and DCT worked with us to modify the machine accordingly. We run 24/7 and have had exceptional service with DCT night/day/weekend. The machines are built very well and we haven’t had any major hardware or software issues for the last 2 years.
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Continental Corporation
Christopher Treadway
SMT Manager
Christopher Treadway
At Tyco Fire Protection Products, our primary focus is on fire protection products and services. With the transition to lead-free soldering, we have struggled with the quality of washdown results for PCBs after the soldering process. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with DCT Czech, their expertise in cleaning, flexibility and customer solution orientation, we successfully changed and implemented a new PCB cleaning process using vertical spraying. DCT Czech designed and manufactured a high-capacity cleaning system for us, which we have been using successfully for almost 2 years.
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Tyco Electronics
Radek Matuška
Process Engineer
DCT Czech helped us to solve the application of cleaning the printing templates from the residues of solder paste and SMT glue and at the same time cleaning the soldered PCBs from the residues of flux. After implementing the new Injet 388 mCRD cleaning technology and Decotron CP381 cleaning agent, it is possible to clean all parts in one cleaning machine with one type of cleaning fluid. A comprehensive solution has thus been achieved that ensures long-term stable cleaning results. We are also working with DCT Czech to improve other cleaning processes in our production.
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Miroslav Černý
Process Engineer
We have been cooperating with DCT since 2006. We use DCT washing processes for cleaning: stencils, PCB overprints, soldering frames, filters from reflow ovens and also for manual cleaning. We are very happy and satisfied with our cooperation with DCT. We appreciate the support directly from DCT, but also from local DCT specialists.
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Celestica Romania
Bogdan Opris
NPI Press Engineer
Continental Automotive Czech Republic – Frenštát pod Radhoštěm is assembling PCBs for a major automotive client that requires maximum reliability of all its parts. Due to these high quality requirements, we were looking for a suitable supplier who could set up the entire cleaning process after soldering these PCBs. By working with DCT, we were able to gradually eliminate most of the technical problems associated with the cleanliness of the parts and satisfy a very demanding customer. What we appreciate most about our cooperation is the expertise of the DCT team and their ability to flexibly address emerging technical issues and the more stringent requirements of the end customer.
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Continental Automotive Czech Republic
Zbyněk Zahradil
Quality Department
For 40 years, SEHO Systems GmbH has been the world’s leading manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines. Many pioneering innovations in the field of soldering have their origin in SEHO. With our modern, innovative systems and the high quality standard of our products, we are a strong and reliable partner for our international customers. DCT Czech s.r.o. provides us with the ideal system solution for the cleaning processes required in our technology centre. Thanks to the comprehensive solution from DCT Czech s.r.o. we are very successful in cleaning the filter systems of our soldering lines as well as soldering accessories such as soldering frames used in wave soldering processes. We use the INJET 888 CRRD in conjunction with the Decotron T383 cleaning fluid from DCT. We are very satisfied with this technology because it meets the most demanding requirements in the cleaning process.
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SEHO Systems GmbH
Frank Schneider
application technician

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